Thai Visa Information

Thai Visa Information

Thai Tourist Visa Information

A Thailand Visa has the same principles as many countries around the World. People who wish to travel to another country will require a visa to enter. Some countries require you to go first to the embassy of the country you wish to visit first. They will have terms and documents and visa applications do vary by country. Once you are approved, you will receive a visa stamp or a sticker in your passport and this will allow you entry into that country.

Visa Exceptions for Some Countries

However, there are exceptions for some countries that have agreements between them. This will allow you to enter that country without having a visa prior to visiting.

Countries that Require a Visa to Enter Thailand

There are many countries in which the Government of Thailand has made agreements with that makes travel easier. In addition, there are other countries that facilitate the people of Thailand. There are 22 countries and regions, the holders of passports originating from Thailand can travel to without a prior visa.

Countries and limits as follows;

Period not exceeding 90 days.

Argentina | Brazil | Chile | South Korea | Ecuador

Period not exceeding 30 days.

Hong Kong | Indonesia | Laos | Macau | Malaysia | Maldives | Mongolia | Peru | Russia | South Africa | Vietnam | Republic of Seychelles

Period not exceeding 21 days.


Period not exceeding 15 days.


Period not exceeding 14 days.

Brunei | Singapore | Cambodian

Thai Passport for European Countries

Visa to enter the country in Europe that Exempt. Which was agreed by the majority of countries in Europe. To allow easy access in and out between them. Agreements with countries that do not apply the 26 countries.

Austria | Belgium | Denmark | Finland | France | Germany | Iceland | Italy | Greece | Luxembourg | The Netherlands | Norway | Portugal | Spain | Sweden | Estonia | Latvia | Lithuania | Hungary | Malta | Poland | Slovenia | Slovakia | Czech Republic | Switzerland | Monaco

These 26 countries agreed to the issuance of a special visa called Schengen Visa to facilitate visitors to travel to these various countries in Europe. Thailand, which the applicant is entitled to have this kind of a Schengen Visa to travel to these countries. Without visas to other countries and can live with a total of not more than three months within a period of six months and apply for a Schengen Visa to go to the embassy of the country you are going to live as long as possible. If it cannot be identified clearly. I have to go to the embassy of the first country to travel to.

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