Thai Company Formation


Thailand Laws & Small Business Formation

Business Formation:
When it comes to doing business in Thailand, foreigners need to establish what form they want. And there are many forms for maximum flexibility. You can operate as a sole proprietor, general partnership ( not registered as a separate entity), registered ordinary partnership, limited partnership with various classes of partners, private limited company, or even a public limited company selling share of its stock to the public via private placement or IPO.

The most prevalent form of small business seems to be private limited company. But you should get our input on what form of business organization might be best for you. There are advantages to each form, and some major tax differences. For example, a sole proprietorship and a general partnership are separate entities under the tax law, but are taxed as individuals.

Agent in Thailand:
The Thai law of Agency follow commonly accepted themes. A foreign company may appoint an agent in Thailand authorized to conduct business on its behalf. So, rather than establish a business here, it may be of advantage to operate via an agent. The foreigner of course, may be the agent for the foreign business entity.

Lease and Tax Planning:
We can assist you with business lease and tax planning.

Civil litigation:
Thailandia Law & Accounting Services, through its licensed Thai attorneys, can conduct litigation on your behalf for breach of agreements, fraud, other matters, either as Plaintiff or Defendant.

Thailand is a signatory of the New York Arbitration Convention. If your contracts specify this form of dispute resolution, arbitration can be conducted in Thailand under international rules.


Thai Limited Company Setup

Foreigners and/or Thai-citizens Director Requirements:

  • Minimum Shareholders: 3 person over 20 years of age
  • 51% – Thai National (minimum held shares)
  • 49% – Foreign (maximum held shares)

Phuket Company Setup Cost:
Thai Company registration service charge plus disbursements as registered capital per each Million


  • Thai taxes & fee’s for company registration
  • Thai company seal
  • Thai tax number
  • Shareholders in your interest
  • Transfer agreement
  • English Translation

Necessary Documents:

  • 4 Copies of Passport (each copy bearing the original signature)
  • 3 Different Choices of a Company Name
  • Business Address

* Time to setup Thai Company: 7-10 days from the date receiving company name.

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