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Business Accounting Service in Phuket

As Thailand continues to grow and succeed as a nation with strong economic impact in Southeast Asian region. The future economic growth and development is dependent upon maximum resource allocation related to business planning and decisions made in part with information provided by the accounting professionals in Thailand. Having an investment in Thailand can be a real challenge because the country’s complicated tax and accounting regulations, which are subject to common alteration and/or updates. Thailand’s financial regulations can be troublesome and inconvenient, without a trusted partner by your side to assist and guide you on doing business in Phuket.

Therefore, it is only sensible that a single firm handles foreign business accounting matters in order to comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Thai Regulations. Phuket Legal Consulting offers you the perfect solution to managing your accounts for your Thai business and we focus on your success in Phuket.

We specialize in assisting foreigners that are doing business in Thailand and we have the expertise in translating and interpreting Thai business accounting practices for company. We have licensed accountants, auditors as well as experienced and dedicated bookkeepers on our staff. We are happy to provide all accounting services and documents in both in English and Thai language.


We basically provide most accounting services that you will need doing business in Thailand: including Thai accounting, audit, tax, payroll, Thailand company registration, and work permit, etc. If you cannot find the accounting services that you need, please email us what you are looking for. We may be able to service you in that area or refer you to people that we trust to work with you. We are a well established Thai accounting company and we have a lot of competent and reasonably priced business partners in our network.

Thai Accounting Service: Working with Phuket Legal Consulting, you have Thai CPA’s who speak fluent English oversee your Thai accounting department for you. Our accountants prepare your accounts in English in compliance with the Thai accounting standards and the Thai tax laws and they are certified to sign off your accounts, as required by the Thai Accounting Law.

Thai Audit Service: Our Thai auditors who speak fluent English, conduct their audit in accordance with Thai Auditing Standards and make sure your company’s accounts are prepared in compliance with Thai Accounting Standards and Thai tax laws.

Thai Tax Service: Our Thai taxation service includes tax planning, tax return preparation and filing all in compliance with the Thai Tax Laws and also dealing with the Thai Revenue Department.

Foreigner Income Tax Service: We assists foreigners to prepare and file their income tax in Thailand.

Payroll Service: When you hire MSNA to process your company’s payroll, we calculate the employees’ withholding tax, social security contribution, and other deductions, and we file the tax returns and social security forms for you and we make sure the employees get their wage / salary together with their payroll slips on time.

Thailand Company Registration: We provide consultation and advise our clients the best form of business establishment in Thailand.

Thailand Work Permit Service : Thailandia provides prompt services in handling work permits and one year business Visas for expatriates in Thailand.

We would be happy to assist you with any of your Thai Legal Needs, from setting up your Phuket Business or Real Estate in Thailand, to Thai Family Law.


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